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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Tuesday & Sunday: Closed

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(08) 6191 0344




Our philosophy is based on an admiration for Dr Herman Snellen’s work; one of which he is the creator of the epynomous Snellen Chart which has become a ubiquitous standard in medical offices. More copies of the Snellen chart has been sold than any other posters in the United States.

We aim to provide that distinct level of service.

– Bordsen, John. “Eye chart still the standard for vision”, The Seattle Times, Augus 9, 1995. Illustration credits: Joe Hodapp.

Our concept

“upmarket but family friendly, individualistic but not intimidating

About the Optometrist


My grandfather was a traditional medicine practitioner who devoted his life to his patients and lost the battle to Parkinson’s disease. His life story is the blueprint of what I am.

Having been in the field since 2003, I have been engaged in different roles and responsibilities during this time  – clinical optometry, community outreach, a teaching role, youth expedition, low vision and research.

My special interests: children’s vision and community eyecare.

Being independent means we are all for you. E Eye Place is about having a nice experience at the optometrist and supporting good vision.

Our team: Kerry and Lionel welcomes you!

We are locally owned and fully independent. Fully qualified team of optometrists and optical dispensers with combined experience of over 25 years. See the difference, and we believe in quality, value and convenience.

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